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Bessel van der Kolk, MD


#18 – Posted Tuesday June, 2nd 2020

THE POWER OF DISCORD: Why the ups and downs of relationships are the secret to building intimacy, resilience, and trust. [A must read]

You might think that perfect harmony is the defining characteristic of healthy relationships, but the truth is that human interactions are complicated and confusing. According to psychologist Ed Tronick and pediatrician Claudia Gold, messiness is not only OK, it is crucial to our social and emotional development. In The Power of Discord, Tronick and Gold show how the everyday dance of crossed signals and missed intentions—followed by coming back together—is the secret path to better relationships. A MUST READ!

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#17 – Posted Saturday April, 18th 2020

Games to play

An ongoing collection of game to play.

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#16 – Posted Thursday April, 16th 2020

"The Body Keeps the Score" - Rhythm and Attunement, Josefin Wikström

Trauma Informed Yoga and Movement in Sweden with Josefin Wikström.

Josefin Wikström has practiced yoga for the past 25 years and worked full time as a yoga instructor for traumatized groups of people for the past 15 years.

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Cathy malchiodi phd
#15 – Posted Thursday April, 16th 2020

Tapping the Healing Rhythms of the Vagal Nerve, Cathy Malchiodi

Self-regulation is found through the sound of your internal beat.

Rhythm plays an essential role in our lives because if our bodies cannot generate the most fundamental rhythm of life—the heartbeat—we cannot survive. Our heart rate must increase to initiate fight or flight and it must maintain its rhythmic pulse despite any demands placed on it. Regulating heart rate during stress and controlling stress hormones are two critical tasks that require that the brain and body keep proper time.

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#14 – Posted Tuesday April, 14th 2020

Regulating posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms with neurofeedback: Regaining control of the mind

Thank you Sebern Fisher for sharing this.

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