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Bessel van der Kolk, MD
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Let's Talk Neurofeedback Series #2 June 9th (with special guest Sebern Fisher)

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Let's Talk Neurofeedback Series #2 June 9th (with special guest Sebern Fisher)

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Join Dr. van der Kolk’s new program Let’s Talk, a live online series that brings specialized content to groups who are unified by a common interest or skillset and the desire to provide trauma-informed care.

Session #2 in this Neurofeedback themed workshop will include an hour lecture hosted by NRBS and an hour Let's Talk Q&A featuring special guests, Sebern Fisher.

Sebern Fisher Presents
"Quieting Fear and Reactivity: Training the Brain and Finding a Self"

Sebern Fisher will introduce you to Soji, a woman with a long treatment history for neglect, abuse and primary invalidation in childhood. She’d been on multiple psychotropics, typically four or five at a time, engaged in both DBT and psychodynamic therapies and she was hospitalized twice. On video, Soji will speak about her experience of neurofeedback and therapy and the changes she felt in her sense of self. After the video, I’ll reflect on the implications of Soji’s experience, and my own, for the treatment of developmental trauma.

If you have not taken the prerequisite course, please sign up here for the June 9th course that is $199. This will include the prerequisites.

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