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Frontiers of Trauma Treatment Online Workshop

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Frontiers of Trauma Treatment with Bessel van der Kolk, MD

15-Hour In-Person Course & Interactive Synchronous Online Simulcast

Monday- Friday: 9:00AM-12:15 PM EDT/ 15-Minute Break Daily

Most people who seek psychiatric care have histories of trauma, chaos, or neglect. The past two decades have seen an explosion of knowledge about how experience shapes the brain and the formation of the self. This evolving science has had profound implications for our understanding of what constitutes effective intervention. Sadly, most of the knowledge about how trauma affects the brain and the development of the entire human organism remains to find its way into the curricula of professional schools.

Advances in the neurosciences, attachment research, and information processing show how brain function is shaped by experience and that life itself can continually transform perception and biology. The memory imprints of trauma(s) are held in physical sensations, bodily states, and habitual action patterns. This causes the entire human organism to continuously react to current experiences as a replay of the past.

Course Agenda:

Trauma and developmental psychopathology. The acquisition of affect regulation, attachment, and psychopathology. The breakdown of information processing in trauma.

Affective neuroscience for thoughtful clinicians. The nature of the threat response, attention, and concentration. Lessons from neuroimaging and psychophysiology.

Recognition and treatment of survival action patterns. Assessment, treatment planning, stabilization techniques, and trauma processing. Neurofeedback and psychedelic treatments. Neural plasticity and rewiring brain circuitry.

Specific stabilization and trauma processing techniques, including EMDR, touch, yoga, improvisational techniques, chi qong in the treatment of learned helplessness and dissociation.

From fight/flight to being alive to the present–integration of traumatic memories, including group and theater approaches.

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