Bessel van der Kolk, MD

A Dialogue with Bessel van der Kolk

October 20, 27, November 3, 10
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Eastern Time

45 Minute Lecture + 45 Minute Open Dialogue

CE Pending Application: APA, ASWB, NCBTMB, and more coming soon. Please email us if you have a special request.

4 week program with Bessel van der Kolk

We invite you to join us for this distinctive and exciting 4 week program with Bessel van der Kolk, MD. Each week, Dr. van der Kolk will begin with a lecture followed by an open dialogue Q&A session. This is an exciting opportunity to explore ideas, critically examine trauma and trauma treatments, and hear directly from Dr. van der Kolk about the things that most ignite your interests.

Each of the 4 sessions are 1.5 hours, with the majority of the time set aside for dialogue with Dr. van der Kolk. Questions can be submitted both in advance and live during the session, and your questions, thoughts, and ideas will shape this series.

Prepare for this program by reading Dr. van der Kolk’s celebrated and groundbreaking work The Body Keeps the Score and watching two foundational courses featuring Dr. van der Kolk, which are included with your registration. Reference slides will also be provide.


1. Program in English


Webinar Only

Included features:

  • Includes Instant Access to 60-minute video lecture: "The Foundations of Trauma"
  • Includes Instant Access to 60-minute 90-minute video lecture: "Neuroscience and Frontiers of Trauma Treatment"
  • 4-week live program: 90 minutes each
  • Optional networking after each live event
  • Recordings available for 45 days

The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Trauma is a fact of life. Veterans and their families deal with the painful aftermath of combat; one in five Americans has been molested; one in four grew up with alcoholics; one in three couples have engaged in physical violence. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, one of the world’s foremost experts on trauma, has spent over three decades working with survivors. In The Body Keeps the Score, he uses recent scientific advances to show how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust. He explores innovative treatments—from neurofeedback and meditation to sports, drama, and yoga—that offer new paths to recovery by activating the brain’s natural neuroplasticity. Based on Dr. van der Kolk’s own research and that of other leading specialists, The Body Keeps the Score exposes the tremendous power of our relationships both to hurt and to heal—and offers new hope for reclaiming lives.

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Important: How to prepare for this training?

1. Read The Body Keeps The Score

2. Watch the 60 minute lecture "Foundations of Trauma" (included in registration)

3. Watch the 90 minute lecture "Neuroscience and Frontiers of Trauma Treatment" (included in registration)

Foundation of Trauma

Neuroscience and Frontiers of Trauma Treatment


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