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#5 – Posted Monday March, 30th 2020

Licia Sky on "Reimagining Isolation & Connection"

Licia Sky discusses our perceptions of isolation and how we can rethink connection and contact during this period of social distancing due to the novel coronavirus. Frontline healthcare workers treating very ill patients without the benefit of touch, bodyworkers relegated to electronic platforms to treat their patients, and every day people and families are all trying to navigate the world remade. Here Licia offers wisdom about how each of us can make connections and be kind to ourselves and kind to the people with whom we have the fortune of sharing our lives, even when it’s at a distance.

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#4 – Posted Monday March, 30th 2020

Licia Sky on "Coming to your senses" (COLLECTION)

Tapping into her years of experience of providing remote care to her patients, Licia Sky leads us through an exercise of noticing sensations and feelings. She shows us how to foster contact, connection, and touch through self holding and how we can notice the nuances of what we are sensing right in this moment.

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#3 – Posted Sunday March, 29th 2020

Bruce Perry MD, PhD on "Resources for COVID=19 through neurosequential model"

Bruce Perry discusses the shift in functional capability of the human brain with a shift in internal 'state.' A principle relevant for anyone interested in human behavior including parents, educators, and clinicians.

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Martin Teicher
#2 – Posted Sunday March, 29th 2020

Marty Teicher on "How childhood trauma affects interpersonal distance & responsivity to touch"

Marty Teicher on Childhood Maltreatment Hampers Interpersonal Distance and Social Touch in Adulthood. Published in American Journal of Psychiatry.

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#1 – Posted Thursday March, 26th 2020

Caring for yourself

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk shares his thoughts on getting through the Coronavirus epidemic, offering suggestions to ease the stress associated with isolation and feelings of being out of control. To do this, he says there are 4 core areas we need to address.

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