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Posted Monday March, 30th 2020

Licia Sky on "Coming to your senses" (COLLECTION)

Tapping into her years of experience of providing remote care to her patients, Licia Sky leads us through an exercise of noticing sensations and feelings. She shows us how to foster contact, connection, and touch through self holding and how we can notice the nuances of what we are sensing right in this moment

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#8. Body Scan in Stillness (22 minutes)

#7. Connecting with Self: Energy, Self Contact & Holding (23 minutes)

#6. Journal Writing (20 minutes)

#5. Voice and Vibration (20 Minutes)

#4. Widening the Walls of Perception (20 Minutes)

#3. A moment of gentle connection in movement (25 Minutes)

#2. Coming to your senses (20 Minutes)

#1. Coming to your senses (9 minutes)

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