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Posted Friday November, 5th 2021

What Lies Inside: Healing in the Face of Trauma

"In the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, grappling with PTSD, filmmaker Luke A. Renner set out on a healing journey that would eventually unlock an older, deeper, childhood trauma he had lost in time.In his own pursuit of healing, Luke would eventually uncover the insidious reality of psychological trauma and a public health crisis that’s been quietly wreaking havoc on humanity.In the documentary ‘What Lies Inside: Healing in the Face of Trauma,’ Luke sets out to expose the unspoken truths that he discovered, truths about the darkness that binds us to our suffering. With the help of world-renowned experts, fellow survivors, and creators from around the globe, this film seeks to illuminate what lies inside us all, a truth that, when faced, may finally set us free."

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