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#25 – Posted Sunday April, 4th 2021

Why We Need Trauma-Informed Parenting More Than Ever

You can identify what causes trauma in little ones — and yourself — and choose to focus on centering love, connection, healing and liberation instead.

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#24 – Posted Friday March, 26th 2021

Resmaa Menakem discusses healing racialized trauma

In this interview, Resmaa Menakem spoke to Good Day LA's Michaela Pereira to discuss racialized trauma. The process of healing racialized trauma begins with your body.

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#23 – Posted Wednesday February, 24th 2021

Why Does Mental Illness Run in Families?

With my friend Rachel Yehuda discussing relative contributions of genetics.

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#22 – Posted Thursday December, 3rd 2020

Why You Need to Do Yoga Now in Quarantine: How Trauma Victims Can Feel Better In These Traumatic Times

An interview with Yoga + Life on what you can do during quarantine.

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#21 – Posted Monday November, 2nd 2020

Free Online Veterans Summit Hosted By Trauma Sensitive Awareness Foundation

Trauma Sensitive Awareness Foundation invites you to view the Veterans Summit free on their website beginning this Wednesday, November 4th. The Veterans Summit presents 22 one-hour interviews with leading experts providing therapy for trauma and injury to the body, mind, and soul. The summit includes an interview with Bessel van der Kolk about his work with trauma and PTS in the veteran population.

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